Adam Savage’s Love Letter to Cosplay

Adam Savage, who frequently attends comic cons, talks about #cosplay at conventions & why it’s not called #costuming. In this video (from August, 2016), Adam Savage talks about his own personal experience while #cosplaying as “No Face” from the animated movie #SpiritedAway by Hayao Miyazaki.


DIY: How to Make Infinity Gauntlet

Here’s a video tutorial made by David Guyton on how to make a #Marvel #Infinity gauntlet. This is a more advanced type of #costume making as it involves working with metal and electronics. Please be sure you wear the proper protective gear before working with metal (which can have very sharp edges) and hammers.

This particular gauntlet design also includes use of a leather glove, upon which metal is riveted. There are also a lot of small articulated parts that go onto the glove fingers. Thus, patience is a must with this particular project.