“The Masked Singer”: Who’s Behind the Mask?

#Fox TV has started a new singing competition show featuring celebrities concealed by elaborate #costumes & #masks! Entitled #TheMaskedSinger, #cosplayers, #fursuiters & #costumers should definitely take a look! You might be inspired to recreate some of the amazing costumes being worn by the performers.




SyFy Channel TV Show “Cosplay Melee”

We watched #SyFy TV’s newest show #CosplayMelee last night & were very pleased that it’s nothing like the ill-fated #HeroesOfCosplay reality TV show that ran from 2013-2014. 

Unlike “Heroes of Cosplay” (which was designed to follow a group of different “professional cosplayers” competing against each other & other cosplayers at several comic convention costume contests around the country and being judged by professional cosplayer Yaya Han), “Cosplay Melee” is a competition between 4 cosplayers who have to build props and costumes within a limited time period for a chance to win $10,000 as selected by a panel of 3 judges on the TV show itself. 

Thus, gone from “Cosplay Melee” are the numerous negative & unrealistic portrayals of #costumers & #cosplayers that brought down “Heroes of Cosplay” after 2 seasons, some of which we list below:

  1. No repeated “drama” that the “professional cosplayers” had to endure preparing for each costume contest, such as staying up all night in a hotel room to complete a costume for a contest the next day.
  2. No visiting of shops looking for elusive sought-after components. (Everything that the cosplayers need in “Cosplay Melee” is in the studio.)
  3. No false pretense that “professional cosplayers” can earn a living by traveling all over the country to win costume contests at various comic conventions, while leaving out the reality that costume contest winnings are likely not going to cover the cost of transportation, lodging, food, comic con passes or the costumes themselves.(Yaya Han is one of the handful of successful professional cosplayers. Much of her income is derived from paid autographs at comic cons and sales of her own line of fabrics designed specifically for costumes in mind. Her success has very little to do with costume contests.) 
  4. No false pretense that a primary motive of cosplayers is to compete against each other in costume contests at conventions. Most costumers & cosplayers are part of hobby simply because they enjoy it or they are motivated by charitable pursuits.

(Click here to read our piece about “Heroes of Cosplay” posted on our Facebook page on Dec. 9, 2014.) 

Hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown, here’s what we like about “Cosplay Melee”:

  1. Each episode features 4 new cosplayers instead have having the same group each episode as in “Heroes of Cosplay”. 
  2. A common theme is used for the competing cosplayers instead of what each cosplayer doing what ever they wanted in “Heroes of Cosplay”. This increases the sense that the competitors are on an equal footing. 
  3. Focus is on the costumes and not the drama as in “Heroes of Cosplay”. 
  4. The winner receives a $10,000 reward. Cash awards at comic con costume contests vary widely in amount & aren’t usually as generous.
  5. The competitors are costuming & cosplay hobbyists, not “professional cosplayers”.

We plan to watch the “Cosplay Melee” each week and recommend it more for entertainment, but not as a cosplaying or costuming resource.


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Yvette Nicole Brown