Urethane Versus Foam Latex for Costuming & Cosplay

#Urethane vs #FoamLatex: which is better to use for #costumes & #cosplays? There are several differences between urethane & foam latex. The three biggest differences are listed below:

  1. Flexibility. Masks, cowls & torso pieces made from urethane are less flexible than their equivalent foam latex components made from the same molds.
  2. Fragility. Being a far more flexible product, foam latex is also more fragile than urethane equivalents, meaning that greater care must be used when wearing them and storing them.
  3. Cost. Foam latex components will very likely cost 3 times more than their urethane equivalents.

Thus, if you’re looking for high flexibility, you’ll want to use foam latex, but it will cost you 3 times more than urethane and require much greater care. If you need something less flexible, such as a Batman cowl Wolverine mask, you’ll likely want one made with urethane.

Jester FX Studios explains this very well in the following video: