A DIY Optimus Prime Transformers Costume for Under $25

#Costuming & #cosplay doesn’t have to cost a lot. Example: you can make a #Transformers #OptimusPrime #costume for under $25 using cardboard as the base. #Costumers Benjamin Martin & Dustin McLean show how to make the costume in the following video that they posted on YouTube:

DIY: How to Construct A Metal Helmet (Video Tutorial)

For those #costumers & #cosplayers who like metal, here’s a video tutorial of how to make a metal helmet as presented by David Guyton (who provides templates). This is an advanced type of #costuming that requires experience with metal working technique known as “sinking”:

Sinking, also known as doming, dishing or dapping, is a metalworking technique whereby flat sheet metal is formed into a non-flat object by hammering it into a concave indentation.

LED’s and some knowledge of electronics is also needed.