Questions That Should Be Asked Before Creating a Costume Club

Before going through the complex process of creating a new #CostumeClub, several important questions should be asked first:

1. Is a new costume club necessary/why is it being created? If another (or several other) costume clubs exists that already includes the costumes that you are wanting to have in a new costume club, then the creation of another similar costume club seems unnecessary. Something should be unique to justify the creation of another costume club.

2. Who is the costume club being created for? The creation of any club should, first and foremost, be for the people who join the club. If a costume club is being created for any other reasons than for the people who join, then it should probably not be created.

3. Will members have a voice in how the costume club operates? If the members who join a new costume club ultimately have no say in how the club operates, this suggests several things about those who created the costume club: possibly a lack of empathy towards others, a need to control others, a lack of trust towards others, etc. As stated above, a costume club is first and foremost about those who join the club. Hence, those that join must be given opportunities in how the club operates.

4. Will protections exist to keep the costume club together? A costume club that operates without a written charter or with a charter that doesn’t specify sufficient procedures and protections for the members, then the possibility exists that the club could be irreparably damaged or disbanded when problems occur. Anyone who creates a costume club must do so with the understanding that problems could occur and that protections must be in place before the problems occur. While no one can predict what may happen, looking at what other costume clubs have done to protect themselves through their written charters should give you some idea as to what you will also need.

If the answers to any of the above questions do not favor the members who join a costume club after its created, then it should not be created in the first place. Creating a costume club is a responsibility to those who join. They are the reason the costume club should exist.