Both costuming & cosplay are primarily concerned with the making & wearing of costumes and to have fun while wearing them. Cosplay differs from costuming primarily in terms of attitude and how the character is being portrayed.

The making of costumes can involve a variety of crafts including (but not limited to) sewing, sculpting, armor making, electronics, etc. Beyond the making of costumes, there’s also the ability to understand the complex web of social interactions that often occur within the costuming & cosplay communities, which, unfortunately, includes the potential for drama & conflict. Some cosplayers & costumers have also had to deal with cosplay bullying or other forms of embarrassment resulting from pictures of themselves appearing on inappropriate websites or social media groups.

Also within the costuming & cosplay communities are costume clubs. Whether joining a costume club is right for you and what goes on in costume clubs are important topics for any costumer or cosplayer to understand before joining one.

As experienced in costuming, cosplay and costume clubs, the admins of this page hope to convey that wisdom for the overall betterment of the costuming & cosplay communities at large by addressing all of these topics that comprise the costuming & cosplay hobby. The key is to keep it as fun as possible and to avoid the conflict & drama as much as possible. Some things, however, are outside of your control, and if you aren’t aware of that, it can become quite upsetting when you do find out.



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