RIP John Mollo, Creator of Iconic “Star Wars” Costumes

#RIP: Academy Award winning #costume designer John Mollo has died at 86. He created the iconic #StarWars costumes using Ralph McQuarrie’s iconic concept artwork for the movie.

Some of the most popular #costumes & #cosplays that have been worn for several decades come from #StarWars and were the creation of John Mollo. Working with a meager budget, John Mollo transformed Ralph McQuarrie’s images into wearable costumes. Sometimes he started with stock wardrobe items, sometimes he used last-minute improvisation, including the backpacks worn by the sandtroopers on Tatooine.


For his efforts, John Mollo won the 1978 Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Below is the the presentation of the nominees and John Mollo’s acceptance speech from the 1978 Academy Awards:

Our deepest condolences to the family, friends & fans of John Mollo. May he rest in peace. His work will never be forgotten.




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