Costumes Aren’t Necessarily Unique

Just because a #costume appears on a TV show or movie doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unique to that show or movie. Sure, #costumes like what Darth Vader & stormtrooers wore are unique to the #StarWars universe (& owned by LucasFilm), but how about the costume worn by an iconic #StarTrek character like Trelane from its original series?

The character Trelane appeared in the “Star Trek” episode “The Squire of Gothos”, which originally aired on Jan. 12, 1967. In the episode, Trelane (played by actor William Campbell, 1923 – 2011) wore a military-styled costume consisting of a long blue tunic with a golden leaf pattern going down the front of the tunic, the back and sleeves; and a matching cape.

Unlike most of the costumes worn when “Star Trek” was in production that were designed by William Ware, Trelane’s military costume was rented from the “Western Costume” company (founded by 1912 and is still in business today over 100 years later) and was seen only 11 days later on Jan. 23, 1967 when it worn by the actor Jim Backus (1913 – 1989), who played as Thurston Howell, III in the 3rd season “Gilligan’s Island” episode “Lovey’s Secret Admirer” during a dream sequence.

This wasn’t all though. Only 2 weeks later on Feb. 6, 1967, the same military costume would be worn by Michael Nesmith in the TV series “The Monkeys” in the episode “The Prince and the Pauper”.

Trelane’s Costume: from “Star Trek”, to “Gilligan’s Island”, to “The Monkeys”

Additionally, in the same “Gilligan’s Island” episode “Lovey’s Secret Admirer”, the Fairy Godfather costume worn by actor Bob Denver (1935-2005) as Gilligan would appear 10 months later in “Star Trek” episode “Catspaw”, which aired Oct. 27, 1967 and was worn by actor Theodore Marcuse (1920 – 1967), who played the character Korob.

A Magical Costume: from “Gilligan’s Island” to “Star Trek”

Thus, while many costumes are unique to specific characters in specific franchises, some costumes are not, especially when production companies rent costumes from suppliers.


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